It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to attend the 2nd Combined Conference on “Cancer Screening and Early Detection in the Gulf Region: TIME TO ACT” to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 27-29 March, 2018.

The global burden of cancer continues to increase largely because of the aging and growth of the world population alongside with increasing adoption of cancer-causing behaviors particularly, unhealthy diet and smoking. Therefore, efforts in fighting against cancer necessitate profound and integrated approaches to involve preventive and curative measures at the same time. Greater emphasis on healthcare not only has cost benefits but also increases access, improves continuity of care and brings care closer to the home and community.

Cancer screening programs are without doubt, complex and resource intensive; but if implemented in the right manner they can render huge benefits and play their part in the wider context of cancer control. Regular and systematic examinations through quality-assured population-based programs can detect cancer such as breast, cervical, and colorectal at early stages when it is more responsive to less aggressive treatment; and if followed by appropriate care, these examinations can significantly reduce cancer mortality and improve quality of life of cancer patients.

To address the complexity and diversity of this topic, the organizers are aiming to develop insightful scientific program by inviting distinguished experts from different parts of the world. This three-day conference is an opportunity for the healthcare providers, cancer control experts, decision makers, economists, non-governmental organizations and public activists to exchange their experiences in cancer screening as a significant tool in reducing cancer burden in the Gulf Region.

I am certain that with your motives and determinations we would have a successful conference. I would also like to encourage you to enjoy the eminent Arabian history and heritage during your stay in Riyadh.


Ali Saeed Al-Zahrani, MD, PhD

Chairman, organizing committee