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To present current status of cancer burden and its economic and social impacts (cost-effectiveness) on cancer morbidity and mortality in the gulf region.

  1. To share regional experiences on cancer screening and early detection activities and their role in improving cancer care outcomes over the past decades.
  2. To present latest state-of-the-art technologies in cancer screening and early detection.
  3. To present and discuss mutual benefits of building bridges between public and private healthcare providers on cancer screening and early detection activities in light of local and regional cancer control strategies and healthcare transformational vision.
  4. To present and evaluate local and regional preventive and management protocols and guidelines in the gulf countries.
  5. To encourage collaborations between different gulf organizations on cancer care, research, and capacity building programs to overcome acute gaps and shortage of skilled personnel.

Conference Slogan: “Cancer Screening and Early Detection : Time to Act”

For many decades healthcare policy makers, clinicians, researchers, as well as the general population have had long disputes on the importance of launching population-based versus opportunistic cancer screening programs from cost-effectiveness concerns to clinical and social importance.

Conference Structure:

There will be a mixture of plenary, small groups, interactive specific topic sessions, presentations, and round-table discussions.